How can I throw a great event?

Many organizations, schools, colleges, camps or individuals have reasons to host events.  Some are for profit, others are just for fun.  There are so many ways you can go and so many ways you can go wrong.  So what’s hot and what’s not.  Well let’s look at everything.

Inflatables and other Interactive Entertainment options are surely the best way to go for outdoor events.  Of course, they can be great inside gyms or auditoriums as well.   But first you must consider your space and ask yourself several questions.  Where will the event be held?  Indoors or Outdoors? How much space do you have?  If it’s outdoors, Is it grass or pavement? Is it too close to the street?  Are there any areas which should be sectioned off because they could be dangerous? What is your electricity situation?  If you have electricity, how far is it from where you want to set up?  How much electricity do you have?  If you don’t have electricity, we can provide generators so you should not worry.  Do you have a water source?  If you plan to use water slides or dunk tanks you will need a water supply.  What will be the plan if it rains?  Will you be tenting certain areas or the whole event?  Do you have a place to go if the weather is bad?

We always ask our clients these questions because, although they may seem obvious, if we miss something it could result in some “game day” headaches.  The good thing is that with Entertainment Explosion, you are getting years of experience and a licensed and insured company who is looking to build a long-term relationship with you.  (Sorry, but we had to throw that little plug in there)

Getting back to your event, if space and electricity are not a problem, then let’s discuss options.  There are truly so many wonderful and fun interactive options to choose from.  Let’s list a bunch and then break them down.  Bounce Houses, Dunk Tanks, Rock Walls, Mechanical Bulls, Obstacle Courses, Bungee Runs, Gladiator Joust, Wrecking Ball, Water slides, Inflatable Movie Screens, Bouncy Boxing, Human Foosball, Iron Man Challenge, Mini Golf Course, Basketball Toss, Baseball Toss, Cow Milking Contests, Trackless Train, etc.

We always recommend a DJ.  Great music sets the tone for the day.  A great Dj will play music that matches the spirit of the event and the makeup of the crowd.  We can’t stress enough how great an inflatable movie night can be.  It’s fun, it’s relaxing and it’s great for the masses.  As for inflatables, consider your age range, first and foremost.  Are you catering the event to kids and the parents are only there to chaperone OR do you actually want the adults to have fun too.  Seriously consider this question when choosing your menu of inflatables.  An item such as a Dunk Tank is great because although everyone may not want to get wet, everyone enjoys watching it.  Everyone can enjoy a train ride but a party full or senior citizens probably won’t be too into riding the mechanical bull.  Peruse our website for more information and ideas for your next  event.

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